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*L.T.K* Clan Membership Application

Membership into *L.T.K* Clan is by invitation only.  The best way to join us is to play on the server and to participate in discussions on our forum.  We place very high emphasis on our values of running a clean server and insist that our members have these same values.  Therefore we are very selective in who we ask to be members.  Skill has very little to do with being asked to join.  It is more about how well we know you and how you will represent the values of *L.T.K*.  If you wish to be a member fill out the application and play on our server while we get to know you. 

Someday you may be asked to join *L.T.K* Clan. 

All information is submitted voluntarily and LTK will  use the information consistent with our privacy and user policy.   Minors may be considered if they are relatives of current members or in special circumstances.

*L.T.K* Clan Membership Application  Subject to Privacy & User Policy

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