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Server Map Cycle Archive| Complete Map Inventory

This is the public game server we run.


IP is:

No password needed.

Server Type: Half-life Death Match team play for 16 players running Severian's Mod with 3 bots.

Game Monitor Link for Server 1

Latest Map Cycle List Server 1

This is now predominantly a "public" server.


IP is: 72.152.60:27025

Server Type: Half-Life Death Match team play running Sev's mod with 3 bots and 14 player slots.

Password: ltk--The password may change for private *L.T.K* events

Latest Map Cycle List  Server 2

This server will usually be open to the public.  We will also use this server to test new maps and occasionally it may be password protected from public use.

European Half Life Server 3

IP is:

Server Type: 20 slot sev's mod with 3 bots based in The United Kingdom .

Game Monitor Link for Server 3

Latest Map Cycle List|  Server 3

Server Rules:

1. No cursing or obscenities of any kind at all are allowed on our server! We have zero tolerance for this. If you must curse, go somewhere else to play. You are not welcome at *L.T.K*.

2. Treat others with respect. If you taunt or are otherwise abusive to other players you will be banned. Each player on our server is our guest and will be treated with dignity and respect. You will particularly not disrespect *L.T.K* Clan Members. This is our house and we are family to each other. We will not react kindly if you are disrespectful to family. If you have problems with a *L.T.K* Member, email tommytoad@ltkclan.org and we will take care of the issue.

3. Do not abuse the spawn protection or chat protection. No spawn camping.

4. The *L.T.K* tag is for clan members only. Those wearing the *L.T.K* tag and not members will be banned.

Note that we will warn you over and over before banning you. If you wish to be unbanned, you can send email to tommytoad@LTKclan.org or post on our forum. If you are banned and we don't hear from you, we assume that you are OK with being banned and you will remain that way.

Most Important Have Fun!

Bunny hopping & Scripting in *L.T.K* Servers

Banned Player Information


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*L.T.K* Contact: gratch@ltkclan.org | Website Administrator: tk25@LTKClan.org