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By using this website www.ltkclan.org, www.ltkclan.com, www.licensetokamp.com  and www.member.ltkclan.org  users/visitors agree to these terms and indemnify *L.T.K* Clan holding them harmless.  *L.T.K* Clan members agree to keep the members only part of the website www.member.ltkclan.org  confidential including all access information.

*L.T.K* Clan is a private group that likes to play Half-Life and membership is by invitation only.   All www.ltkclan.org site use is at your own risk.  We do not guarantee accuracy of information but we try to do the best we can.  Any information on this website should be independently verified by user.  The membership application information may be posted on the website and every applicant agrees to this.  Any content that is submitted to www.ltkclan.org may be posted on the website at our discretion with or without modification.  All submitted information should be documented as to copyright or ownership. We will not knowingly publish copyrighted material on the website without proper permission.  We do not take any responsibility for information submitted to us that is not accurate or falsely represented as to ownership.   If anyone disagrees with any document or information on this website let us know at tk25@LTKClan.org  and we will strive to rectify the situation in a prompt, efficient manner.

We keep generic website user statistics and we do not collect any confidential information without the consent of website user.   We currently do not use "cookies" except with the LTK Clan forum.  We respect each website visitor's privacy.

Links to other web sites will take visitors to third party web sites and you will be subject to their respective privacy and user policy if any.  *L.T.K* Clan is not responsible for the actions of other web sites or third parties.

In order to use this website visitors are not required to complete any registration form or application at this time.  Users can voluntarily fill out a membership application but membership into *L.T.K* Clan is at our discretion and by invitation only.

We cannot be held liable for any false or inaccurate information on this website.  *L.T.K* Clan/www.ltkclan.org does not necessarily endorse any information on this website. 

The privacy & user policy may be updated on a regular basis and users should check the policy frequently .  Throughout  the websites www.ltkclan.org & www.member.ltkclan.org  there may be additional user information pertinent to the content on that webpage.

Contact us at gratch@ltkclan.org  or tk25@LTKClan.org if there are any problems or concerns.  We will try to respect all users.

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